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Who is eligible for services?

To qualify, you must be 16 years of age or older and be a resident of area of service. You must be physically challenged and unable to have your personal care needs met through existing visitation services.

How much does our service cost?

Personal Attendant Care Inc. has funding from the Central East Local Health Integrated Network. This funding supports the services that we provide.

Clients who may require additional care can request the service and can be covered through other means of funding (Workplace Safety Insurance Board, personal insurance plans, other government funding and direct payment for services)

What is self-directed care?

The responsibility for the way the services are provided is directed by the client. The client must be able to inform what tasks he/she will need the Personal Support Worker/Attendant to perform; when these tasks are to be performed and how the clients wishes the tasks to be performed.

Is it easy for a client to self-direct their own care?

This can vary with each individual client and depends on many aspects such as motivation and preparation. The key competencies which will assist clients are:

  1. Knowledge of his/her individual needs
  2. Being able to explain how assistance is to be provided
  3. Having all supplies on hand
  4. Being organized
  5. Using time efficiently
How much service can I expect?

Under the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Policy Guidelines and Operational Standards, our agency can provide 90 hours of direct services per month (3 hours of direct service per day). This maximum includes any combination of personal support and homemaking services offered by our agency. The current maximum hours of service are 90 hours per month. Any additional hours will require our organization to have prior approval from the Local Health Integrated Network in order to provide personal needs in excess of 90 hours per month.

What is the Home Care Bill of Rights?

The home care Bill of Rights is set out in Part III of the Ontario Long-Term Care Act, 1994. The home care Bill of Rights says you have the right to:

  1. Be treated with respect and to be free from abuse,
  2. Have privacy and dignity honoured,
  3. Have your needs and preferences respected,
  4. Receive information about services you get,
  5. Take part in decisions about your services,
  6. Consent to or refuse services,
  7. Comment or criticize without anyone taking action against you,
  8. Receive information about home care laws and policies and how to make a complaint, and
  9. Have your home care records kept confidential..

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