I just wanted to thank you (Gwen) and Peggy, as well as PAC and the organization that gave the donation to make this event so spectacular. As you know, it has taken me years to get to the point that I am now with regards to my health and my disability. It is an ongoing, daily routine to try to live in a world that is made so much more difficult because of these limitations. While always trying to maintain a positive attitude, participating in some activities is not always possible due to many reasons.

One big hurdle is the financial strain that special needs usually entails. Being able to be apart of this outting gave me such pleasure, that I find it difficult to express. It would never have been something that I could have afforded to do. That the event was during a week where my daughter was away at a conference, gave me something to look forward to and made my whole week easier.

The meal, the show and being part of a group and something positive gave me so much more than just a night out. I was able to go out for the evening independantly, enjoyed the pleasure of the social aspect of the trip and meeting some of the staff who allow me the priviledge of being able to live at home. I enjoyed something that I had never done before and I didn't have to worry about the added finances for that one evening.

I can't thank enough those responsible for giving me so much. It was so much fun deciding what I would wear, getting all dressed up for a special evening, being able to go out independantly without worry, and then meeting other people was something special for me. It will be an event that I will remember for a long time. It was the first event that I was able to participate in and now that it has done so much for me, I will look forward to attempting other new things. Thank you so much for everything.

-Diana Wiech